Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a tiny resurrection

So, I´m finallly resurrecting this blog, thanks to the inspiration of a new online friend: LRS.

In one of her blog´s latest entries, she talks about the West fascination with easy to digest Lefties: http://moderndayruth.net/2012/07/16/chomsky-zizek-and-wests-fascination-by-pseudo-intellectual-bullies/

With Zizek, I was quite disappointed to read how his analysis lacked the vision of a great Marxist, Antonio Gramsci. This Italian had the vision to link the proverbial Structure to the Superestructural, and how the Cycle of Exploitation survives with the unconscious help of the exploited themselves.

He cited his observations of the Italian factory workers, and how they internalized the brutal conditions under which they had to work. This internalization, translated at home into abuse against their wives. Who then abused the next one in the food-chain: their offspring.

I find this explanation very useful to explain how new immigrants, always become the  target of abuse of other immigrants who maybe master the culture of the new land a little better. And the latter are the ones who usually are the worst exploiters of the newcomers.


  1. I think you nailed it why those of us - who knew the genuine thinkers of the time (albeit we might have disagreed with them then lol) - don't really respect Zizek!

  2. Exactly. I think that Historic Materialism, as analytic tool of the social reality is still quite effective. But people tend to forget Gramsci, which is a shame, really.