Sunday, January 4, 2015

Asaf Avidan: once again in Basel.

I first went to listen to this Israeli singer-songwriter, without even knowing who I was going to listen to. That's how I usually go to concerts here in Basel. And this happy surprises happen because Mariah Silkey asks me to join. Yes, you can safely say I completely trust her. This was back in 2011, and it was a completely breathtaking experience, the voice range of Asaf Avidan is quite high, think Janis Joplin high. He was accompanied by the usual instruments, he playing a guitar, a bass player, a set of drums and.... a cello. Oh that cello created such a magical atmosphere. I believe that the rest of the band might be the Mojos, but I'm not sure.

Since the venue was quite small, the intimacy was amazing, and he used it to inform us how Basel was Zionism's cradle and how, at some point, a country in Africa was considered to be used as the new Promise Land. Here is a video of a concert given last year, although not the one I went to, it gives you an idea of the concert vibe:

It turns out that now he is massively famous, at least in Europe, famous as in hit-parade famous. And he will come again to Basel. And I'm debating with myself on whether or not I should go. I kind of want to keep that wonderful intimate flavor of the first concert, but on the other hand, I also want to see how many other people is enjoying his music. Pondering... pondering.

Meanwhile, here is the version that is now playing on the radio, same same, but different. ;)

So... what would you do? would you go to listen him again ?